Research Archive 2016


In addition to reporting official food security statistics, this high-profile annual report and its appendix also include useful information about major nutrition assistance programs.



The most recent in a series of annual reports providing demographic and economic characteristics of SNAP households.


This article stands out for its use of retailer scanner data to compare grocery food spending by SNAP participants and non-participants.


Part of an influential series of articles by this research team on the public health nutrition impact of nutrition assistance program expansion in the 1960s and 1970s.


The main food intake results from the first random-assignment evaluation of a financial incentive for healthy eating that operates directly through the SNAP EBT card.



This report assesses WIC participants’ price sensitivity when purchasing cereals with WIC benefit compared to out of pocket spending, implications for WIC program costs, and potential strategies to minimize those costs.


To assess potential redemption disparities in the usage of the WIC package cash-value voucher addition, this article compares voucher redemptions in reservation-based WIC clinics and non-reservation WIC based clinics.


Building on the behavioral economics and nutrition assistance literature, this randomized control trial assesses the impact of implementing choice architecture in corner stores in a low-income, Latino community on storewide fruit and vegetable sales and self-reported fruit and vegetable purchases.


This report breaks down WIC participants’ purchases by retailer type (e.g., supermarkets, convenience stores) and looks at differences in purchasing patterns post-food-package revisions, in comparison to SNAP participants, and by state.


Child Nutrition

This article adds to the discussion of lunchroom behavioral economic interventions by implementing a randomized-control trial to assess the effect of pre-ordering and nutritional nudges on selection of fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy.


Additional Research